America is a global superpower. The United States of America is a country comprising of 50 states, it is the fourth largest country with a population of 327 million people. The capital is Washington D.C.  About 82% of the Americans live in urban areas; the most populated cities are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston.

There is no official language of the U.S, but English is the de facto language and is widely spoken throughout the country. America has a vast population of immigrants, and is culturally diverse.  America cuisine has also been influence by this culture. Indian, Japanese, Chinese, European cuisine is widely available and thoroughly enjoyed by the Americans. Americans love their sports; Football is widely enjoyed in the country. Surfing is also seen on the coastal areas.  Car racing is a cherished sport.

American also love their high fashion life. Cities like New York, Los Angeles are widely known for their fashion with popular designers and celebrity spotting, food and popular beaches. New York fashion week is an exciting event that happens every year. Due to the busy life and changing weather, Americans love their coffee and Starbucks is very popular.

With so many industries booming every other day, United States offers an extensive amount of employment opportunities and choices.

Popular destinations

Many people travelling to the United States might want to see, the cities, like:

 New York- Statue of liberty

 Los Angeles- Hollywood and Venice beach

 Miami- south beaches, art-deco and little Havana

 Hawaii- volcanoes and beaches

 Las Vegas- the strip, casinos and gourmet dining

 San Francisco- golden gate bridge, cable cars and fog

 Manhattan- skyscrapers and city life

Other popular destinations are:

 Niagara Falls

 Grand Canyon National Park


 Yellowstone National Park

 Monument valley

 Santa Monica

 Universal theme park

 Rocky mountain national park

America public education is operated by state and local government, in most states, children are required to attend school from age 6 or 7 i.e. Kindergarten or first grade, until they turn 18.

The United States has many public and private institutions of higher education. The majority of the world’s most popular universities are here. There are also community colleges with generally more open admission policies, shorter academic periods and lower tuition.

Before letting anxiety drown you into confusion and fear, here are some 4 practical steps you can follow as a prospective international student.

Start by making a list of colleges. To help you out in this procedure, here are some most popular and cheapest colleges in the US.

Brazosport College, Lake Jackson

Alabama southern community college, Monroeville

Platt College, Los Angeles

Georgia perimeter college, Decatur

Los Angeles City College, LA

Houston community college, Houston

Stanford University

Harvard University

Columbia University

Yale University, New Haven

Princeton University

Dartmouth College, Hanover

Brown university, Providence

Vanderbilt University, Nashville

Georget own University, Washington

After research and conviction that a college interests you, contact the office of admission at each school/college you selected and request an admission application for graduation study program. Taking tests like TOEFL might be helpful while you want to hear back from the schools. The admission application will give you all the details of the admission process in each school.

Complete the application forms. Make sure you have answered everything in your admission form, any incomplete or missing information will be for your one disadvantage; make sure everything you mention in the form is accurate. After filling in all required details, attach your previous academic records and send directly to the schools you have selected. Read the admission application thoroughly and follow given instructions.

For the final step. You will just have to WAIT. You’ll need to be patient until the school responds back. Make sure to apply as early as you can. If you get accepted you will be sent a form called I-20, you will require this document to apply for your student visa.